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Interview 99: Ben Garrison

3413634_origThis week political cartoonist Ben Garrison returns to the program to discuss the revival of his political commentary in the midst of the most tumultuous presidential campaign in recent history. Garrison also discusses his struggle with online trolls over the past several screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-17-44-pmyears, the broader war on free speech and political dissent, and how such phenomena are illustrated in the defamatory campaign against Canadian Professor Anthony Hall leading to the academic’s suspension from his university post earlier this month.

In a sea of homogeneity Ben Garrison’s trailblazing work offers a truly unique perspective on political and economic concerns. Presently a freelance graphic artist, his first cartoons appeared in The San Angelo Standard Times in the early 1980s. Garrison has since been a graphic artist at the The San Antonio Express News and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


Sandy Hook Reopens, Clinton Death List +5, Related News Headlines

On this episode James goes solo to discuss the previous week’s political and economic news headlines, including the Democratic National Convention’s focus on the Sandy Hook massacre and gun control, and the recent deaths of five individuals with close ties to the Democracy Party.


The $50 million Sandy Hook Elementary School opens following the tear down and elimination of the crime scene and crucial evidence. Is the project a template for future surveillance-oriented schooling structures? Is Donald Trump a viable presidential candidate, or merely a foil and ‘red carpet’ for another Clinton chapter in the White House? Why are Hollywood stars being ‘blacklisted’ merely for supporting the Republican candidate?