First Amendment

Interview 97: Danny Ledonne

On this edition James speaks with Colorado-based filmmaker, educator and activist Danny Ledonne. Mr. Ledonne is a former media arts professor at Adams State University in ledonne-photo3Alamosa Colorado whose investigation and online exposés of Adams State’s managerial and personnel practices put him in the crosshairs of the school’s top administrators.

When the highly-credentialed filmmaker was glossed over for a tenure-track teaching position in the university’s modest communications department and subsequently terminated from his adjunct instructor position there he made public records requests that revealed a number of administrative problems and efforts at non-transparency. Leone began a blog to publish these,, and a lá Julian Assange invited other faculty to leak information that might aid in keeping Adams State’s pooh-bahs fair and above-the-board.


With Jim Fetzer and Jeff Rense

On this pre-recorded episode James appears on the February 1, 2016 Jeff Rense Program to discuss his recent termination from Florida Atlantic University. Veteran alternative media broadcaster Jeff Rense probes the relationship between Tracy’s firing and the research Profs. Tracy and Fetzer have conducted on the Sandy Hook massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, and similar controversial events.

Fetzer’s edited volume, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, was abruptly banned from sale by and dropped by Amazon’s subsidiary publishing arm Create Space in November 2016. Less than one month later FAU fired Tracy from his tenured position following publication of an inflammatory opinion piece authored by “Lenny and Vernonique Pozner,” the parents of one Noah Pozner, a purported victim in the Sandy Hook event. The Pozners claimed Tracy was harassing the couple over the death of their son. In subsequent mainstream reportage most accounts failed to explain that Tracy was responding to an illegitimate copyright infringement claim Pozner and his “HONR Network” filed with Tracy’s internet service provider in March 2015.