‘Top 10 Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax’

On this episode James is solo as he discusses one of the most important independent research reports on the Sandy Hook massacre event, “Top 10 Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax.”

Top Ten Fig 1

Originally published in 2014 at Veterans Today and Memory Hole Blog, the detailed essay has been revised and updated for inclusion in the new edited volume, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, 2nd Edition, edited by Prof. Jim Fetzer and now available for purchase at MoonRockBooks.com. When Nobody Died at Sandy Hook was first released in late 2015 it Amazon.com promptly banned it from its website, even though Amazon subdivision Create Space agreed to publish and distribute the volume.


As the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia commences, a careful recounting of the facts concerning the Sandy Hook “massacre” is in order, especially since no honest and professional interrogation of the crime scene and its aftermath has been conducted.

Further, several law enforcement officers and other parties with knowledge of the event have met untimely deaths, while many others have reaped millions of dollars in donations made by honest Americans operating under the notion that such a major crime took place. Nevertheless Sandy Hook will be at the forefront of the Democratic Party’s broader public relations push to further curtail civil liberties at home as it seeks to enforce violent interventions abroad.