Interview 92: Robin of HowISee the World

Citizen journalist Robin from and YouTube channel HowISee the World joins James this week to discuss the Orlando mass shooting event and other related “terrorist” Robin-HISTWnarratives now commonplace in the corporate media terrain.

Robin’s online research and analysis of such poorly-understood incidents suggest how easy it should be for journalists and news organizations to examine the storylines presented by government agencies and spokespersons. Over the past several years he has made dozens of recorded calls to the very official parties whose feet need to be held to the fire, including the FBI and medical personnel, yet who are rarely held to account in any meaningful way by salaried reporters.

Podcast: Download | (Duration: 59:59 – 27MB)

Robin’s activities have unsurprisingly made him a target for harassment and numerous bogus copyright infringement claims from those directly involved in such events His site is especially designed to direct inquisitive minds to some of the most informative research on the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, which he argues was designed to undermine the Second Amendment.