Encore – Ben Garrison

garrison1James is joined by political cartoonist Ben Garrison in this encore broadcast from February 2015. In a sea of homogeneity Garrison’s work offers a truly unique perspective on political and economic concerns. Presently a freelance graphic artist, his first cartoons appeared in The San Angelo Standard Times in the early 1980s. Garrison has since been a graphic artist at the The San Antonio Express News and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In 2008 the big banks were bailed out, which served as Garrison’s wake-up call. The bailout marked the point where he felt he had to do something. Using his graphic art skills he wanted to ring alarm bells and so he became a citizen muckraker.

In 2009 Garrison began drawing editorial cartoons that skewered the Federal Reserve and the growing police state in America. The Internet made it possible for his cartoons to be seen by millions all over the world. The Internet also made it possible for anonymous entities to deface his work, libel his name and make him into the most trolled cartoonist in the world.


Mr. Garrison’s wife, Tina Garrison, is also a cartoonist and together they began a web site in 2010 named “grrr.graphics.com.” It features a growling bulldog named “GRRR” who takes a bite out of tyranny. Their dog is doing the job as watchdog that the mainstream media now seems reluctant to do.

Ben has completed his first book titled, Rogue Cartoonist: The Internet Perils of a Citizen Muckraker, which was published in 2015.