On “The People Speak” with Steve Johnson

On this episode we feature a pre-recorded interview with James Tracy, who was a recent guest on BBS Radio’s “The People Speak” with host Steven Johnson. Tracy discusses his experience of being targeted and stalked by Lenny Pozner and Pozner’s “HONR Network,” and how media mis-reporting of the harassment contributed to Tracy’s termination from his tenured faculty position at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.


FAU President John Kelly, Source: Janke Foundation

FAU President John Kelly’s administration is regarded by some professors at the south Florida university as the most anti-free speech and anti-faculty in the school’s history. In late 2015, for example, Kelly attempted to end tenure at the university. Hostility toward free speech has been further demonstrated not only in Tracy’s firing, but in a 2015 effort to end tenure, in addition to numerous threats Kelly has made to professors who’ve made public remarks he doesn’t favor.

In addition to the interview Tracy takes calls from listeners to the worldwide broadcast, answering questions on his FAU firing and related topics involving threats to free speech and academic freedom in America.


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