Interview 79: Keith Labella

On this edition we are joined by attorney Keith Labella, editor of Mr. Labella has researched gangstalking (also known as “mobbing”) for over a decade after his own experience with the phenomenon while working for a Wall Street securities firm in the late 1990s.

gang stalkingA graduate of Baruch College and Fordham Law School, Labella was admitted to the New York Bar but has withdrawn from practice and is presently living in Southern California. He has used his legal training to successfully file numerous Freedom of Information Act requests with federal agencies, including the FBI, that confirm government knowledge and complicity in various gangstalking programs.

In 2010 Labella successfully petitioned the Department of Justice with FOIA requests, eliciting research results on crime reports that confirms about 3.4 million Americans report having been victims of gangstalking. Of these reports 447,000 (13%) were stalked by three or more individuals, suggesting coordinated government and/or corporate efforts.


Labella argues that these programs are intimately tied to US military and government agencies, and that gangstalking can involve targeting of families who have military or intelligence ties over several generations.

Additional information on Labella’s research is available at