Interview 75: Niles and Frasier Mercado

oregon-shootingOn this episode Niles and Frasier Mercado discuss their recent book, Oregon Shooting: Just Another C.I.A. False Flag, which provides an overview of the October 1, 2015 Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg Oregon. The Mercados explain how this work and similar ventures in critical thinking can aid individuals to better understand media coverage of and dramatic increase in mass shooting events, and how such incidents relate to larger socioeconomic and geopolitical frameworks.


Niles Mercado has about two decades of experience consulting for various government agencies including the Air Force and the Department of Justice. Mercado has published the following books about conspiracies of various flavors: When Prosecutors Attack, Bush Killing Reagan, and Oregon Shooting: Just Another C.I.A. False Flag. To maintain his privacy and his family’s safety he has chosen to write this volume using the pen name “Niles Mercado”.

Frasier Mercado has produced (and gained financing for) multiple independent Hollywood films (under his real name) including multi-million dollar productions starring Ashton Kutcher, Jason Statham, and Mickey Rourke. Frasier uses his extensive Hollywood experience faking blood, wounds, gunshots, and explosions to spot all the tell-tale signs of a staged event and has teamed up with his brother Niles in the writing of Bush Killing Reagan and Oregon Shooting Just Another C.I.A. False Flag.

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