Interview 69: Marshall Swing

Economic and precious metals analyst Marshall Swing joins the program to discuss his prediction that the world’s wealthiest families that largely control the world’s central banking infrastructure will crash financial markets on or around October 23, 2015. They will do so, Swing argues, in order to usher in a new world economic system and single gold-backed global currency. Economist2015He outlines his prediction and analysis specifically focusing on a January 2015 cover of The Economist magazine in his most recent article, “The Elites 2015 Global Economic Collapse Explained,” presented in the accompanying video below.

Swing called the market peak for silver in spring 2011. He then incurred the suspicion and wrath of contrarian thinkers and precious metal investors shortly thereafter when he suggested that silver will drop to $15 or less per ounce. In the fall of 2014 silver in fact reached $15 and in August 2015 it dipped below $14.

Swing is a regular contributor to His work has also been featured by fellow market analysts and commentators Max Keiser and Eric Sprott. Additional information is available at Marshall Swing’s websites are and


Extended YouTube interview with visuals: