Interview 61: Wolfgang Halbig

halbigAs another school year is upon us Real Politik welcomes back former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig for an update on his outstanding Freedom of Information Act requests with the Newtown Connecticut Police Department, Public Schools, and First Selectman. Halibig has been a tireless critic of the government-mandated version of the Sandy Hook massacre, raising necessary funds for legal representation and traveling to Newtown numerous times over the past year to demand that area officials present the necessary records that the shooting took place as it was presented by corporate news media.

Halbig filed his first FOI request with officials immediately involved in the Sandy Hook massacre back in February 2013 and they have yet to be satisfactorily addressed. Nevertheless, the Connecticut FOI Commission has seen fit to formally conclude that Mr. Halbig’s requests have been settled. Halibut’s next step is to appeal the unfulfilled FOI requests to Connecticut Superior Court.

In other developments Monte Frank, the bicycle-cruising gun control advocate and attorney for Newtown leaders, appears to have perjured himself by confirming before the FOI Commission the authenticity of a Newtown police dash cam video document purportedly taken on 12/14/12 that curiously lacks the customary date and geo-location stamp necessary for its forensic utility.

Most recently PayPal pulled the plug on Halbig’s fundraising account, apparently under pressure from Sandy Hook victims’ organizations. A similar effort was successfully waged against Halbig’s GoFundMe account in October 2014.

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