Interview 57: Peter Klein

KleinOn the morning of March 3, 2014 YouTube and internet conspiracy researcher Michael Cravey, aka Thomas Brinkley, allegedly attacked a couple on the University of Florida campus. He then led police on a high speed car chase and died in a hail of police gunfire after charging an officer with a hatchet. The press suggested that Cravey was a “conspiracy theorist” who’d finally lost it–his preoccupations manifesting in series of crazed violence.

Yet there are numerous unanswered questions to the scenario purported as fact by U of Florida and Gainesville police. For example, Cravey had extensively researched the Aurora theatre shooting, and believed that he had broken that case. On this episode Peter Klein of Tyranny News Network joins James to discuss the Cravey case, his relationship with Cravey, and the extensive examination of the case.

Klein is a web consultant, independent researcher and producer of the landmark documentary, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, released in 2014. He has also produced videos probing the Cravey case and its mysterious dimensions.