Interview 51: James Perloff and Chris Emery


Actor Kevin Sorbo completing narration of ShadowRing [Image Credit: Free Mind Films]

Author James Perloff and Free Mind Films producer Chris Emery join James to discuss ShadowRing, Free Mind Films new feature-length documentary scheduled for release on DVD June 6th and pay-per-view June 11th. Perloff and Emery explain their roles and experience in the film production and promotion process, and what Emery says is FMF’s most ambitious project yet.

Directed by Austin Green (A Noble Lie, State of Mind) ShadowRing provides a broad-ranging history probing the hidden influence of the transnational power elite on American foreign and economic policies over the past century. The film’s script was written by Perloff, based on his books, The Shadows of Power (1988) and Truth is a Lonely Warrior (2014), and narrated by Hollywood producer and actor Kevin Sorbo.


ShadowRing features interviews with Perloff, G. Edward Griffin, Rosa Koire, Ben Swann, Jim Marrs, Gerald Celente, Joyce Riley, Katherine Albrecht, Aaron Dykes, Adam Kokesh, Jack Blood, and many more.