Interview 39: Peter and Cathie Weissenberg

The Weissenbergs are a long DSCN0698 (2)time married couple who met and were raised in the Washington,DC area. They are both professionals who have each been employed in their respective fields for over 25 years, Cathie in the area of insurance and Peter within telecommunications, primarily for the industry giant Verizon, which is where he first became the victim of workplace harassment in 2002.

In 2010 a previous co-worker of Peter’s confided in him that his workplace harassment years before had been directed by the government not Verizon. This startling revelation prompted him to reach out for assistance initially contacting the White House and later in August 2011, his U.S. Senator at the direction of ACLU Staff Attorney Alex Abdo.


Shortly after that in October 2011, they both became the targets of mobbing, organized stalking and electronic harassment. Prior to that time neither had any knowledge of the “Targeted Individual” phenomena itself or the enormous amount of disinformation and propaganda surrounding it.

The Weissenbergs have been chronicling their story in a Project Avalon thread since 2013. Project Avalon was chosen as a repository because the site’s moderators have been brave enough not to censor it.