Interview 32: Peter Klein

peterkleinPolitical blogger and videographer Peter Klein joins the program to discuss his latest documentary production, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, a major collaborative effort released by Independent Media Solidarity on November 30, 2014. Founded in 2014, IMS  includes several dozen independent researchers and media producers, ten of whom contributed directly to the 2014 documentary.

With the video having been uploaded by more than two hundred YouTube and Vimeo channels since early December, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook has now received an estimated 3 million online views–this despite the fact that there has been a concerted and well-financed campaign by those closely involved in the Sandy Hook event to expunge the film from YouTube and Vimeo platforms via fraudulent claims of copyright infringement.

In 2013 Peter produced an embellished version of Sofia Smallstorm’s video presentation, Unraveling Sandy Hook in Two, Three, Four and Five Dimensions. He has also done extensive research on the unusual death of the late Michael Cravey, a 28-year-old Florida-based YouTube enthusiast and researcher who was killed by police in March 2014 under especially unusual circumstances.


In addition to independent research and video production, Peter is a talented web-tech consultant. He began the Tyranny News website in 2008 and embarked on analysis of 9/11 and the 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing. Independent Media Solidarity is presently working on a new project slated for release later in 2015.