Interview 31: William Shanley and Jim Fetzer


On this joint edition of Real Politik and The Real Deal Connecticut-based author and filmmaker William Shanley speaks with James Fetzer and James Tracy on his trillion dollar lawsuit against big media for fraud and terrorism of the public via their reportage on the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event. Shanley maintains that the alleged shooting was a FEMA-orchestrated drill deviously presented by major wire services, newspapers, and broadcast and cable networks as an genuine tragedy.

Shanley became involved in researching Sandy Hook while producing a film he continues to work on. He then viewed Sofia Smallstorm’s presentation, Unraveling Sandy Hook in Two, Three, Four and Five Dimensions and read several articles on Sandy Hook written by Professor Fetzer. “When I heard that Michael Bellmore, the 28-year-old former New Haven Register reporter had died for unexplained reasons I saw myself as a 28-year-old kid in radio and working for Jimmy Carter with sound equipment, and I just thought of this kid. I said, ‘This is something I can do. I’m going to go to the mat on this.'”

[Note there are 3 minutes of silence between 27:00 and 30:00 in file below for commercial spots.]


Additional File (Specific discussion of lawsuits and 20 more minutes of interview)