Interview 28: David Mathisen

Author David Mathisen joins the program to discuss his research on the hidden symbolic and metaphorical meanings of ancient texts. David and James examine the significance of this work for approaching and understanding modern propaganda and mind control techniques.

Mathisen was almost twenty years a “literalist,” reading the Old and New Testaments scriptures carefully and literally. Yet these texts remain some of the most exquisite crystallizations of esoteric teachings from ancient times.

Over a long course of research Mathisen began to identify the outlines of the vast system that underlies the scriptures and other ancient writings censored or excluded through literalist tradition.


He is the author of two books, The Mathisen Corollary: Connecting the Global Flood with the Mystery of Mankind’s Ancient Past (2011), and The Undying Stars: The Truth That Unites the World’s Ancient Wisdom and the Conspiracy to Keep it From You (2014).

Mathisen is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and holds a master’s degree in English literature from Texas A&M University. Additional information is available at