Interview 26: Lionel

lionel1Talk show host, comedian, and political analyst Lionel joins James to discuss the origins of modern talk radio, his long fascination with political conspiracies, the decline of broadcast journalism, the return of Howard Beale, false flag terror, how courtrooms resemble comedy clubs, and much more.

A veteran broadcaster and pioneer podcaster, Lionel has consistently been the Number One rated talk host during his time in New York. Talkers Magazine listed him in the HEAVIEST HUNDRED: The 100 most important radio talk show hosts of all time. He’s also been included in Talkers Frontier Fifty as an outstanding talk media webcaster.


Lionel is the author of “Everyone’s Crazy Except You and Me . . . And I’m Not So Sure About You” (Hyperion). Newsweek notes that Lionel is “[a]n intellectual known for his irreverent political and social humor.”

More information on Lionel and his entire line of web-based media is accessible at

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