Interview 22: Jason Kissner

JasonKissner-jpgIs Ebola a fraud? Is it being used by certain forces for broader political purposes? Fresno State University Criminology Professor Jason Kissner discusses the important series of articles he’s written for Global Research dissecting the Ebola phenomenon and its accompanying media frenzy.

Dr. Kissner received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Florida. He also holds graduate degrees from Cornell University’s Law School and Florida State University. His work has appeared in numerous academic journals and alternative news outlets, including Global Research and American Thinker.



  1. I think it is naive to think the main stream media is doing anything else but their job: to be a PR wing for the weapons manufacturers and the NWO agenda. It gets tiresome hearing academics bemoaning the media “failure” over and over. When will they get it that the media is successful at their job. They have misread the “freedom of the press” clause…it goes both ways. The press is free to manipulate and obfuscate and cannot be mandated to tell the truth.

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